Auto Body/Rental Car

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 02/07/2012 - 15:52

I often think about the process a person goes through to get his or hers car repaired after an accident. Auto collisions are always an unwelcome addition to anyone’s life. They never come at a convenient time and most are much unexpected..If ya really stop and think about it..
We see the reality of it as it unfolds..From the emotion of hurting your pride and joy to just the basics of “how am I going to be without my car”…to the dealing with police reports to insurance company’s unreturned phone calls..
But one common thread runs through most of these transactions..The rental car..
In all my years of doing collision repair in Boise I have seen more people come through our doors expecting to have rental car reimbursement on their policy and they don’t..
Let me give you some facts..These are from State Farm..On average the rental car reimbursement on their policy is about $10.00 per six months..Read that again..per six months. I know all these little things add up..but..this is peanuts considering the average little; tiny, small rental car is around 20.00 per day. In State Farms case you can increase that by about $4.00 per six months and get full reimbursement on a larger vehicle..
On a last note…if you do much traveling and find yourself renting vehicles very often..State Farm will pay your deductible on any collision involving a rental car. So this is a benefit you never give much consideration to..but it can be very beneficial. I only have the facts from State Farm because I was talking to an agent today..
The bottom line is this…check with your particular carrier and look at your options..But don’t find yourself in a bind when that unexpected circumsatnce…happens.

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