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Submitted by Tech Support on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 16:11

Hey Everybody..

Trying to learn the new way of communicating with the web and my people..you the customer. I've been in the body shop business about 28 years but only blogging about three minutes. So bear with me...

I want to learn to blog to better equip you with what to do when you have an accident. Some of you have had this experience before and have used a body shop. Maybe you have a relationship with a shop already..all good. But when you call the insurance company to reaport the claim you get asked lot's of questions you weren't prepared for. They might even ask you to take it to another shop. At first you resist but then they tell you all the advantages to going to the other shop...warranty on work, time in shop, expedience of the claim..all valid points in their mind. It might even make sense to you. But in the back of your mind you were very happy with the last body shop that fixed your car..

I just want you to remember that you have the right (by federal and state law) to take your car wherever you want. The insurance companies today are trying to control their costs the best they can. When they can control the cost of the repair it is appealing to them. I bet the shop that you want to go to has the same warranty that you are being offered by the insurer. I bet the repair process will take the same time at the shop you wish to go to..it may even be quicker.

So please remember to make the desicion based on what you the customer wants...We are here to answer any and all questions about the process, even if you choose to go somewhere else. So give us a call anytime, we would love to help..


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