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Submitted by Tech Support on Mon, 01/23/2012 - 16:04

Last week we had a guest come in with his daughter for an estimate to repair damage..You could tell by the look on the young girls face..It wasn’t her best day. There was some frustration in the voice of her father. I put my arm around her and tried to make light of her situation..It helped a little. As Kevan prepared the estimate I had sat back down at my desk and my thoughts drifted off…in all the years I have been doing this..How many parents and young adults have I dealt with?..100’s I would think..And the picture always seems to be the same..Frustration, anger, hurt feelings, lack of trust..All things we never want to feel. I’m only talking ones that have been found at fault. Some are just in the wrong place at the wrong time..no fault of their own.


This time period in a young adults passage into adulthood can be filled with anticipation, and feelings of freedom..all good stuff. But it can also be a time when decisions become life changing, and we as parents want to make sure they’re decisions are good ones.


Ya see, I believe a drivers license is a privilege..that’s why they call it “driving privilege”..so be careful as parents to make sure all the proper groundwork has been laid down..build some fences..or boundries for them. Let them know you have both eyeballs on they’re well being..We don’t want the State to decide if our children are ready for this tremendous responsibility..we as parents know better than they do.


So in the world of MP-3’s, texting, Facebook, Twitter and smart phones..and all the other distractions that young adults have today.. It’s crucial to gain consensus with your new drivers regarding rules that all of you can LIVE with.”


My two boys signed a contract with my wife and I upon getting their license…..I have handed out this contract to many parents through the years..I also made all their friends read it..just so they knew they also had a hand in the contract.. if you would like to comment or contact me…please do, it would be a privilege to help.


Mike Minegar

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