My life with Boats

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Good Morning...I'm still in the infant stages of this blogging thing..tough on an old man..I sometimes think the term must of come from that favorite saying "blah, blah, blogging" I right? But the other day I learned you can blog about passions in your life..well now..that is something I could do. So I didn't have to think long about what passions I have..Auto racing and high performance boating are no doubt my biggest passions..besides my wonderful today it's boats..


When I was a child my Dad and Mom were mired in the boating scene in Los Angeles..Dad built his own boats and they hung with people that built boats and they enjoyed boating at the now famous Long Beach Marine Stadium. They would actually leave me in the car and go skiing and drive by the station wagon to make sure I was OK..imagine that today..


Keep in mind these were the days of Vic Edelbrock, Mickey Thompson, Kieth Black, Art Chrisman, Ed Pink. Rudy Ramos..and the names keep coming. All these fellers were changing the landscape of everything “Hot Rod” back in the day. Boats were no different..they were getting bigger horsepower and going faster everyday. My Dad raced boats for awhile on the liquid quarter mile and that pretty much solidified a life long love affair with high performance boating. Watching my heroes like Larry Schwabenland, Dwight and Mac Bale, Ray Caselli, Barry McGowan, Vern Amaral…these guys were death defying stuntmen that a young guy on the beach just idolized. I would sit in school and draw they’re boats day after day…Unfortunately it was a dangerous game and through the years I lost many of my heroes…some I would just read about and some I didn’t deter me from my dreams of someday being a part of it..although my Dad was smarter than I and at every turn he would thwart every attempt I made at racing boats..Thanks Dad..I might not have been here to write this blah, blah, blog..


More story to come…keep watching..

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